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I am... Donna Noble!
 Donna Noble
Donna Noble
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You're Donna Noble!

Oi! Wotch it, Martian boy! The Doctor thinks he can spout all kinds of ridiculous technobabble and 'Last Time Lord Angst' at you just because he's from outer space, huh? Well, you're not having any of it! You've got a heart of gold and a will of iron, and you're a rather boggling combination of a romantic idealist and a staunch realist. But you never let logical paradoxes get to you; you prefer to shoehorn the universe into a little box of your own perception. More often than not, it fits... probably because the universe is too intimidated to argue!

40 new Doctor Who Icons n.n
40 new, including icons from Doomsday, The Idiots Lantern and Girl In The Fireplace.


questions hmm... >.
okay guys, I have 2 questions in need of answering this most triumphant evening.
first of all, and this may seem like a silly question but, what's a picspam? Im seeing them everywhere.
I know they're just basically heaps of pictures of something but what exactly are they?
my other queery is, where can I find a clip from when Rory dies in Cold Blood.
It hasnt aired in Australia yet and so I wanted to see how sad it was.
youtubes been no help so does anyone have a link to a clip? thanks. Robbyyyn. Xx

how 'bout I give you the finger. and you give me my phone call?
hows it going new age dudes?
anything much happening with you guys out there?
I'm here just basically to ramble on about my findings and such and such.
there's not really a point to this post, other then the reasons because I feel like it.
For english class we were told we were going to watch a sci-fi film 'The Matrix' I was instantly intrigued the moment Mrs Preston said the two words known to human kind that makes any teenage girl weak at the knees. Keanu Reeves. I was listening immediatly. I went home afterwords and asked my brother if he had the films. He had the last 2 on dvd and the other one on video tape, but our cassette player had gone kapoot, and so we venture to the land of Blockbuster Video and rented it. I have since been obsessed with long leather coates and retarded sunglasses, and learning ju jitsu in ten seconds flat. I thought the ending of the third one was a bit dissapointing though.

any one else got some thoughts? Xx

Morning hoops!
morning hoops,
just some more Bill and Ted Icons,
have fun (:


Robbbiiieee Xx

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
howdy hoopy froods,
icons icons icons icons icons.
you can see im getting better at my icons.
these are from the movie, 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.'
with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.


Robynnnn Xx

more eleventh hour Icons (:
howdy there dandilions, 
anything much happening with you guys?
Just another Icons post for today, then when I get my laptop, another post!


Robbie Xx

Good Morning fellow noobs!

good morning fellow noobs! hows the day treating you?
It seems after my major spaz out yesterday that livejournal is letting me put pictures in my posts now! See?

woot woot! claps for the un-coordinated jumping gif from 'The Time of Angels'!
I have started my 'Doctor Hoo' cross stich thanks to gipsy_dreamer and it's turning out pretty great.
I shall post a picture once I charge my phone enough to take one! haha.
I had to use different colours to what it said on the sheet, but they're still relatively the same colours.
I'm doing all the owls seperatly starting with all my favourites, I started with William Hartnell, and then am going to do Eccleston.

Have a great day, Robbie Xx

what the hell livejournal? are you pissed at me too?!
 why won't livejournal let me add pictures to my posts anymore?!

Eleventh Hour Icons
Here's some more Icons I worked on today. 
Hope they're alright, although still pretty simple and amateur.
These are Eleventh Hour ones thought my last batch was Tennant.
Have at it guys!


Robbie (: Xx

hey, sorry about that guys, 
I guess my brain went kinda wibbly wobbly,
and I got the library quote the wrong way around!
Here's a version I made with the correct quote. Enjoy!

Robbie Xx


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